straight angle

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an angle of 180 degrees

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To sum up, try dragging off at a straight angle, making sure to go slowly over the whole double row header.
The barrel and slide are carefully hand fitted so there is little play, and the barrel crown is chamfered at a straight angle so that the end of the barrel is absolutely flush with the barrel bushing.
I got to take the truck through a mud-bog, to climb a rocky peak, to descend at all-too-close to a straight angle, and to take the truck around the same track I had once spun around in a GT40.
Rather than cutting a straight angle toward the catch basin, he sweeps the weir downward in a radius (Diagram B).
Students may also manipulate the common ray in the interior of the right angle and straight angle to record the resulting measurement of each independent angle.
Align a metal straight edge with the crease and run along it with a sharp knife held at a straight angle to the skirting.
Be sure to stop their movement before the two rays go in exact opposite directions, which will create a straight angle.
Most manufacturers - like Paslode, Stanley-Bostich, and Campbell Hausfeld - offer some mechanism that guides nails exiting the nosepiece at a straight angle.
Tenders are invited for Set Of Bone Nibblers: Imported Make, Intended For Piecemeal Excision Of Bone, Made Of High Tensile Strength Medical Grade Stainless Steel With High Quality Double Action Leverage, Various Tip Designs And Straight Angle And Angled Nibblers On Interchangeable Basis, Set Comprises Of 3 Bone Nibblers Of Various Sizes On Interchangeable Basis, The Instruments Should Be Made Available For Technical Evaluation, The Exact Proportion Of Various Designs To Be Verified From Indenter Before Supply After Issue Of Po,
The quarter angle was called a right angle and two quarter angles were discovered to make a straight angle.
Used as a decoy for much of the encounter, the Racing Metro-bound man unveiled his trademark in the glorious closing stages by picking a straight angle and powering through the gap for a try.