straight and narrow

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the way of proper and honest behavior

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Now he's a none-too-talented auto mechanic with a mountain of debt and a bar-owning girlfriend (former pop novelty Cyndi Lauper, who's OK except she always needs to do something with her hands) who wants to lend him money and keep him on the straight and narrow.
The chapter on chivalry is long gone - and try to remember the last time you saw a Boy Scout help a little old lady across the street - but the organization that's guided generations of boys down the straight and narrow is doing just fine these days.
Which is good news because that straight and narrow path is getting harder and harder to find, let alone stay on.
Sadly, say troop leaders, including the dark side of life in the new handbooks is necessary if today's Scouts are to learn how to deal with those people and situations trying to push them off the straight and narrow path their predecessors traveled.
Direct them back on the straight and narrow path - hopefully walking on the outside of the sidewalk, and stepping in the mud, if need be.