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Synonyms for straggly

Synonyms for straggly

spreading out in different directions

growing or spreading sparsely or irregularly

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You straggly hair and your lively eyes have told us many things.
Randy Lee Tenley, 44, was wearing a ghillie suit - a straggly full-body camouflage outfit resembling the mysterious ape-like creature also known as Sasquatch - hoping it would lead to reports of sightings.
Long straggly, jet-black hair, heavy make-up and raggedy black clothing are very much a part of what make him who he is and he's not showing any signs that he's prepared to give them up, despite the fact that he's in his 50's.
With her straggly layers and halfhearted attempt at a fringe, Samantha needs a three-line whip to get to the hairdresser - and fast.
THESE delicious deep blue berries which can be added to summer pudding and other red fruit desserts are related to the wild, moorland bilberries, but form bushes rather than low, straggly plants.
He was joined on stage at the launch by pal Jonathan Ross, who appeared to be copying Brand's stubble and straggly hair look.
If hanging baskets and pots look dry, straggly and irredeemable, chuck out the contents and think about replacing with autumn plants.
Exotic gardens and flowers, their colours and perfumes are woven through the pages, contrasting with the straggly weedy specimen of a plant that Zahara brings to the Hanging Garden of Babylon, a most unlikely 'Flower of Heaven'.
He had judged the moment with an unprejudiced eye and seen a buggy metamorphosis that turned a sleek little creature with a neat Napoleonic bob into a Jacquelina-the-Ripper with straggly strands.
True, many girls don't dig having straggly hairs hanging out of bikini bottoms, but no one wants bright red bikini-line bumps.
Look for areas of stress, such as dead, dying or straggly branches, bug infestation, disease or water sprouts, the latter a fast-growing branch that grows vertically and off a horizontal branch, disrupting the natural form of the tree.
With his scruffy beard and straggly hair Brad's not looking much like a movie idol at the moment, though best Friend Jennifer Aniston doesn't seem to mind
The University of Art and Design is quite a long way from the splendid neo-Classical city centre, and you get to it down a straggly dull road lined with nondescript, but somehow unpleasantly obtrusive, structures.
TRY as he might to look scruffy with his beard and straggly locks, Brad Pitt, father to Shiloh Maddox, Zahara, Knox, Vivienne and Pax, is still one of the most stylish men in Hollywood.