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Synonyms for straggly

Synonyms for straggly

spreading out in different directions

growing or spreading sparsely or irregularly

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You straggly hair and your lively eyes have told us many things.
TRY as he might to look scruffy with his beard and straggly locks, Brad Pitt, father to Shiloh Maddox, Zahara, Knox, Vivienne and Pax, is still one of the most stylish men in Hollywood.
With her straggly layers and halfhearted attempt at a fringe, Samantha needs a three-line whip to get to the hairdresser - and fast.
Rejuvenate mint IF you have straggly old clumps of mint in the garden now's the time to dig up some of it and separate out the healthiest-looking parts.
Rejuvenate mint If you have straggly old clumps of mint in the garden, now's the time to dig up some of it and separate out the healthiest-looking parts.
BRAD HAIR DAY: The straggly goatee has gone for a cleaner new look
Cole has ditched his wedding ring, grown a straggly beard, and is said to be in a "dark place".
The line drawing - appearing alongside a gallery of more than 20 famous faces - depicts the Prime Minister's wife with straggly hair and baggy cheeks.
This will allow the mower to trim off straggly grass.
Trim back thin, straggly plants to remove all seed-bearing growth and feed baskets weekly with a balanced liquid fertiliser.
Felicias offer a remarkable sky-blue flower, though they tend to grow rather straggly after a few years.
Bos, a straggly blonde in shag coat, black bra and tiny skirt, began her solo X with a series of facial manipulations and gross-out sound effects (grunts, throat clearings, wheezes and burps) that gradually morphed into assaultive jerks, staggers, and spasms.
A thin park separates the east ends of the new blocks from the town, setting off the municipal theatre and concert hall (the latter by Sven Markelius) as urban monuments before you come to the long straggly form of the old town , dense, crouched under the ridge behind, and now much rebuilt and carved into by overscaled traffic engineers' roads.
Blitz stragglers Cut straggly pansy plants back hard to encourage strong new shoots to grow from the base which may flower again during mild winter and spring months.
Randy Lee Tenley, 44, was wearing a ghillie suit - a straggly full-body camouflage outfit resembling the mysterious ape-like creature also known as Sasquatch - hoping it would lead to reports of sightings.