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marked by or affected with a squint

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Although there are concerns about the possibility of treatment generating diplopia (particularly in strabismic amblyopes), studies have consistently found that amblyopia therapy in older children is safe and that its effects are long lasting.
11) Similar correlations occur in naturally strabismic monkeys.
A mum asks her young son why he's named his rather strabismic teddy Willingly.
Unfortunately, the groups of patients that would benefit most from non-subjective visual assessment are also the most likely to have covert neurological lesions, such as the premature and/or strabismic infant, and the cognitively impaired elderly.
It should also be clear that a child's school performance will not be helped by being told to wear spectacles inappropriately (a myopic child being told to put their glasses on for reading, or a strabismic child being encouraged to remove their glasses for play).
Many practitioners would feel it appropriate to refer a strabismic child to the hospital eye service (HES), but they would be advised to offer spectacles correction immediately, especially in an accommodative case, so that some benefit can be had in the interim period whilst the child is waiting to receive an appointment at the hospital.
Eighteen patients had unaided vision of less than 6/12 in one eye and in this group there were seven cases of strabismic amblyopia and 11 cases of refractive amblyopia.
But these methods of assessing acuity are not as good at detecting strabismic amblyopia as crowded optotype tests and, as soon as possible, this type of test should be used.