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marked by or affected with a squint

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The same study did not reveal this difference between strabismic children or spectacle wearers, and age-matched controls.
Patients with strabismic amblyopia, on the other hand, were unable to direct their attention to the target dots when they were visible to only the weaker eye.
(12) compared 961 patients diagnosed with anisometropic amblyopia, strabismic amblyopia, and strabismic + anisometropic amblyopia and found the groups similar in terms of sex and age, similar to our study.
Among the included patients, 20 (45.5%) had anisometropic amblyopia, 12 (27.3%) had strabismic anisometropic amblyopia, 5 (11.3%) had strabismic amblyopia, and 7 (15.9%) had ametropic amblyopia.
The amblyopia rate determined was anisometropic 69.23%, strabismic amblyopia 21.51% and others 9.23%.
Differential changes in color and motion-onset visual evoked potentials from both eyes in early- and late-onset strabismic amblyopia.
Strabismic amblyopia was the most common pathology among ocular alignment disorders (60.4%).
Random-dot-stereogram performance by strabismic, amblyopic, and ocular-pathology patients in an operant-discrimination task.
"Have you noticed we've got a strabismic dog on the doorstep?" I ask visitors excitedly.
Cotter SA, Edwards AE, Arnold RW et al 2007 Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group Study: Treatment of strabismic amblyopia with refractive correction American Journal of Ophthalmology 143 (6) 1060-3
At the first assessmenL 1 week before surgery;, the 19 strabismic children had significantly poorer total scores on the Movement ABC and on a manual dexterity subscale than did the controls.
The threshold Contrast sensitivity function in strabismic amblyopia: Evidence for a two type classification.
Prevention of strabismic amblyopia of early onset with special reference to the optimal age for screening.
Deficits of vergence include non-strabismic and strabismic dysfunctions.