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Synonyms for stow

stow away


  • travel secretly
  • hide
  • conceal yourself
  • secrete yourself

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fill by packing tightly

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When down, the top stows away completely into the trunk compartment.
Meantime, he stows away when said siblings (Scott Bairstow and Devon Sawa) set out to capture America's most dangerous wildlife, and he becomes obsessed with discovering the fabled cave of a thousand bears.
The more pitches the hitter sees, the more information he stows away in his mental computer and the fewer innings the pitcher will be able to pitch.
A Nantucket youth with a passion for the sea stows away on a New Bedford whaler.
Linda Collision's STAR-CROSSED (0385833633, $16.95) tells of a proper British girl who embarks on an unexpected life of adventure when she stows away on a ship bound for Barbados to claim her estate.
Perce Blackborow, age 18, stows away on Ernest Shackleton's ship Endurance as it sets out from Buenos Aires in 1914, planning to attempt a first-ever crossing of Antarctica with its adventurous crew.
RAIL companies face stiff fines of pounds 2,000 a head for every illegal migrant who stows away on a freight train bound for Britain.