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the charge for stowing goods

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the act of packing or storing away


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Through real-time collaboration, shared, unbiased data, and actionable visibility across the vessel rotation, XVELA enables terminals, carriers and operational partners to work together to better communicate, coordinate and synchronize their operations, starting with stowage planning and expanding to berth management and port call optimization.
For rear seat comfort, the Exeo boasts a trio of supportively comfortable pews which split and fold, all feature head restraints and three-point seat belts while the estate model provides first rate facilities, offering 442 litres of stowage area with all seats taken while extending a flat boot floor to 882 litres with rear seats folded.
The gearbox is situated on the dashboard and is easy to reach and use, while at the same time freeing up space between driver and passenger for stowage of extra items.
Where coaming is not installed, a white circle is painted on the flight deck and marks the stowage location.
Japanese astronaut Takao Doi, in cooperation with crew commander Dominic Gorie, operated the shuttle's robotic arm and picked up the component, a stowage module for the ''Kibo'' laboratory, from the shuttle's cargo bay and moved it to the attachment area on the space station.
Prescription lenses can be fit into the Striker or P-2B Rx insert and an anti-reflective Speed-sleeve is included for stowage and protection.
The interior boasts up to 77 litres of stowage space, which includes 24 litres in overhead stowage compartments for rear passengers.
Boot capacity has grown by 54 litres to 480 litres and with the rear seats folded flat, a total of 1,460 litres stowage space is offered - 235 litres more than before.
Because there is a separate, dedicated hood storage compartment, stowage capacity is not compromised, says Alfa.
As the boat is fast and simple to sail it is ideal to sail with limited crew or with inexperienced sailors Its ability to fit into a 40 foot container keeps worldwide transport costs low and the carbon mast is built in two parts for easy stowage in the container.
Stowage capacity is up, though no one will confuse the new car for a minivan until the station wagon model--which may use the Clubman name instead of the expected Traveler--arrives as a 2008.
The flow of ammunition is constantly managed, documented, and secured; ammunition specialists check all explosive cargo for proper blocking and bracing and stowage for subsequent transport by sea, rail, or truck.
It also features fully automatic folding of its rotor blades and tail section, for convenient stowage on the warships, as well as high-performance rotor blades, an active antivibration system and a cutting-edge avionics system.
The appeals court affirmed, finding that enforcing the stowage rule by forbidding exit from the cell was not cruel and unusual punishment, since the inmate had the option of simply complying with the rule.
Like its bigger brother, the 9-3 estate has a wide and flat load area fitted with aircraft-style stowage hooks.