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the dried stalks and leaves of a field crop (especially corn) used as animal fodder after the grain has been harvested

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Stover will present at the UBS Global Oil & Gas Conference on Tuesday, May 19.
WHEN REPORTS STARTED TO trickle in a few years ago about European blackbirds imitating ambulance sirens, car alarms, and cell phone ringtones, researchers were skeptical, writes Dawn Stover, an editor at large for Popular Science magazine.
It's always been assumed that agricultural residues such as corn stover didn't have enough nutrients to support fermentation.
Pubisher Mark Mikolajczyk said in a statement that Stover "understands our rich history and has the vision, commitment and leadership skills to continue to move us forward as Brevard County's No.
Soldiers returned fire and killed three criminals," Stover said.
Stover takes the place of Cutberto Garza, his predecessor in the DNS director's office and in the directorship (1996-2005) of the Food and Nutrition Programme, the only UNU program that is headquartered in the United States.
Department of Energy have jointly funded a four-year research program to develop technology to convert corn stover into ethanol.
Since 2003, DuPont and the US Department of Energy have jointly funded a four-year research program to develop technology to convert corn stover into ethanol at a high yield.
Ohio-based Velvet Ice Cream Company reports that it has reached an agreement with Russell Stover Candies to supply stores in four neighboring states.
Stover is corn stalks, cobs, and leaves left in the field after grain harvest.
The Messeclub at the Anuga fair-rounds in Koln, Germany, was full of applauding well-wishers assembled to congratulate winners of Quick Frozen Foods International's (QFFI) Golden Ice Crystal Pioneering Achievement Award on October 9, as Philip Dean Kruk of Salomon Hitburger, Bob Prakken of BluePrint Automation, and Reinhold Stover of Agrarfrost were inducted into an elite contingent of movers and shakers who have shaped important aspects of the global frozen food industry.
Nearly 3 million hectares of grain sorghum are harvested in the USA each year (USDA NASS, 2004), yet little research effort has been invested in the enhancement of grazing value of grain sorghum stover residue.
Today, she says, when prices are measured by energy content (British thermal units), energy from switchgrass or corn stover, the residue that remains in the field after a grain crop is harvested, is cheaper than energy from oil but more expensive than energy from coal.