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retrieval of information from unconnected databases

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The Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Associate Administrator Cindy Burbank, head of the Office of Planning, Environment, and Realty, described stovepiping in this way when she spoke to the Center for Transportation and the Environment: "The transportation planners would develop a plan and then hand off to the environmental staff, who would do the environmental reviews and then hand off to the engineers to design the project, who would hand off to the right-of-way staff to acquire the needed right of way.
Stovepiping and turf-guarding are out; crosscutting and collaboration are 'in.
An appropriate management structure can help avoid stovepiping, although no one model is appropriate in every case.
The advantage of teams for avoiding stovepiping is that they can cut across functional boundaries in any organization, helping to manage the phases of the project delivery cycle in a seamless way and encouraging positive handoffs during the transition to different phases.
Ending stovepiping and finding better ways to manage the life cycles of major projects are significant parts of FHWA's efforts to work with its State partners to encourage innovation and efficiency in program oversight and project management.