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chimney consisting of a metal pipe of large diameter that is used to connect a stove to a flue

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Stovepipes were dangerous but the problem was remedied somewhat when brick chimneys came into use.
The council commended federal agencies for having "avoided stovepipes in order to both drive innovation and to achieve interoperability," and specifically praises the Department of Homeland Security's US-VISIT and the Transportation Identification Worker Credential.
He spoke of the three major stovepipes or the "The Big A" in acquisition: requirements, programmatics, and budgeting.
One of the most critical lessons that Berntsen shares is the need for CIA and military personnel to be joined at the hip in the field, sharing information immediately, rather than sending it up stovepipes to their respective headquarters and then waiting for a filtered version to trickle back down to their partners based just a few yards away.
The coating line features a broad spectrum of colors beyond traditional black so a user can match stoves, stovepipes, fireplace andirons, and hearth accessories to a home's decor.
Thurmalox Stove Paints can be used on a variety of items that become hot while in use including stoves and stovepipes, fireplace andirons, screens and grates, barbeques, gas grills and hibachis.
Here the stovepipes are the Infantry, Armor, Air Defense, Field Artillery, and so on.
TECHNO-FUNCTIONAL STOVEPIPES Stovepipe regulation results from the fact that the 1996 Act contains definitions for variously denominated communications services, such as "telecommunications," "information services," "cable service," "mobile service," and "open video system.
The large firebox holds an adequate fire overnight, and we can keep a hot enough fire that the stovepipes stay much cleaner of creosote (depending on the kind of wood).
The current system preserves and even encourages seams and stovepipes.
What we've got to do is stop dealing with it in stovepipes and in terms of ownership.
Knowledge management solutions play a key role in helping tear down unwarranted information stovepipes within the federal government; and in facilitating the sharing of homeland security information with states, localities, and relevant private sector entities.
As it was for the Germans in 1935, US Armed Forces currently follow separate stovepipes for acquisition of weapon systems.
Many CEOs grumble about their inability to cull raw data to assess spending and performance from separate stovepipes of business information.