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of or relating to data stored in separate databases

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Although less stovepiped than those divisions responsible for planning, the COD can still integrate more effectively during ATO execution.
Delays in implementation have extended the use of existing duplicative, stovepiped systems, and the need to fund them.
Additionally, earlier and more rigid sub-specialization has stovepiped learning into narrower and narrower brackets.
Essentially the logistics career fields were stovepiped and made up of specialists.
Staff sections within the Corps still perform stovepiped operations to a degree.
Each department provides information support in its respective specialized, or stovepiped areas, to multiple strike group warfare commanders.
McDougald explains, "We want to blur the lines across industries, business processes and among organizations, which all too often are stovepiped, by having one open community and cross-industry knowledge repository through which people can share their GIS experiences.
Sir Jeremy went on: "The whole American effort was compartmentalised, stovepiped.
The luxury of relying on stovepiped systems is not an option in a contingency environment largely because the enemy and requirements to support the warfighter are ever changing.
But what is new is the need to be less stovepiped and to more closely integrate our capabilities with our interagency partners.
0 technologies, for example, it would have taken many months to gather information across stovepiped government agencies.
would be much better served by this kind of machinery than by the cumbersome, secretive, stovepiped, and hierarchical arrangements most commonly identified with old-line public-sector bureaucracies.
Move beyond stovepiped data-storage systems to create a central data base of information to expedite full electronic information exchange.
The auditors said DOD's payment system is still "paper-driven" and hampered by stovepiped information systems that cannot communicate with each other.