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chimney consisting of a metal pipe of large diameter that is used to connect a stove to a flue

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When not in use, the stovepipe stores in the firebox and the legs fold up for a small pack size.
From iconic stovepipe hat and gangling gait to broad shoulders stooped by the woes of a nation divided, daniel day-Lewis (above) is every inch the Great Emancipator in a tough but tender portrait for the ages.
Mucker had a constant hangover, and carried on with his work behind the kitchen trying to light his 37 burners to heat and boil water to wallop the pots--these were gas-drip fed, and the stovepipe always omitted a huge explosion when lighted.
Concert venues, sports stadiums and the outdoors are where we kicked this whole thing off in 2002, so the single-serve stovepipe is a natural fit.
45pm Two bored youngsters are led on a series of zany misadventures when a manic moggy comes knocking at their door with a magical stovepipe hat on his head and mischief in mind.
The Stovepipe and Lampshade baffle assemblies were outlined by the Discovery Channel Telescope team in envelope level drawings to The AMS Group, with specific details on the design and construction left to the vendor chosen for the project.
On more than one occasion, I am aware of sections of the stovepipe being launched or mess personnel getting their eyebrows singed when lighting an immersion heater that used gasoline.
COTTAGE GROVE - Former Eugene resident Kit "Stymee" Stovepipe plays the Axe & Fiddle on Sunday with the Crow Quill Night Owls.
Spanky Long stovepipe jeans and RVCA hats were observed being worn by courtside celebrities like David Spade during the recent Lakers versus Celtics NBA Championships.
The damper adjusts the flow of air going up a stovepipe, thus adjusting how hot your fire is burning below.
This is extremely difficult, and it bends the elbow and wrist enough to cause "limp-wrist" stovepipe malfunctions and feed failures.
Maybe the NSTC was unaware that several studies by the Government Accountability Office and other watchdog groups have meticulously documented how these DHS projects have been plagued by stovepipe management and lack of coordination among agencies, which resulted in huge cost overruns and schedule delays.
The problem is kicking the empties out--a combination of stovepipe malfunctions and empty shells getting stuck between the flesh cartridge and the top of the slide.
He positioned AMC to provide world-class service to the Army and DOD while driving change in the Command's business enterprise by streamlining and integrating systems, which standardized practices and reduced stovepipe structures.
These projects, such as making a nature sketchbook like Teddy Roosevelt's or a stovepipe hat like Abraham Lincoln's, will keep you nearly as busy as the men who have held this very demanding job, but you'll learn a lot and have fun, too.