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a small machine bolt

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Then drill two, 1/4" holes in each of the 18" end pieces to receive the five-inch stove bolts used as axles for the four, four-inch wheels the drum turns on.
Each fall the stoves were refastened in place with new stove bolts and new cement.
You just cannot believe how often you need a can of Liquid Wrench, 3-in-1 oil, or some wood screws, or stove bolts,'' said Tom Powers, a writer who lives in Vermont.
Do-it-yourselfers may prefer to secure their windows by drilling holes at the sash joints and inserting quarter-inch stove bolts.
He removed the door from the box intended for newspapers and mounted it at the rear of the one for mail, using small stove bolts in the drilled-out holes.
We then ground a V in the crack, and filled it with J-B Weld, then applied a liberal coat of high-temperature gasket cement to the block, and bolted the patch on with 1/4-by 3/4-inch stove bolts.
Remove the inner soles, then bolt the shoes to the bottom of the buckets using flathead stove bolts and large washers.
But last year, Happy Valley Ranch of Paola, Kansas, which has been making presses since the late seventies, has begun selling a crusher with a housing made from four iron castings held together like an old 6-plate cast-iron wood-burning stove with four stove bolts.