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Synonyms for stoutness

the property of being strong and resolute


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the property of excessive fatness

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In spite of the fact that exact reason for IHD is not known, a large number of elements like family history of coronary illness, diabetes, raised blood pressure, hoisted cholesterol, smoking, poor sustenance, particularly an excessive amount of fat in the eating routine and stoutness have an impact.
Customarily considered an illness of grown-ups, sort 2 diabetes is progressively determined in kids in parallel to have rising stoutness rates.
While these constructs add stoutness to circuit designs and they also introduce major overhead to the average case performance on asynchronous adders add benefits.
All plates accept both R3CON and TuffNeck screw technologies, allowing surgeons flexibility to vary the stoutness of the construct.
Therefore, genetically diverse germplasm is essential in breeding programs to enhance the productivity and stoutness of cultivars.
But Tenerife's last triumph was a 1-0 win against Valladolid in the league and with a defensive stoutness that has seen them keep clean sheets in five of their last six matches they are worth a punt.
It is vital by means of the safety and stoutness of regional connotation particularly on the part of Uzbekistan which is observed as a keystone state but with the minimum cooperative actions with Tashkent.
16 For physical workers, the mentioned criteria are integrity (Amana) and physical strength and stoutness for work.
And Kullervo was like her: an ill child he ever was to handle till came the day that in wrath he rent in pieces his swaddling clothes and kicked with his strength his linden cradle to splinters--but men said that it seemed he would prosper and make a man of might and Untamo was glad, for he thought he would have in Kullervo one day a warrior of strength and a henchman of great stoutness.
This is a medium-sized fixed blade tactical knife in their Urban Series specifically designed for EDC (Every Day Carry); It is offered with a tanto-style blade (the 1420) or a classic drop point (the 1410), but like I said I'm a sucker for tanto blades because of their stoutness and penetrating abilities.
tends to continually develope the intellect and refinement of taste of the people, at the expense of all their bodily stoutness, muscle, and their indifference to little elegancies, niceties, and parlor and college models.
Obesity and television viewership may be associated as the choice for an inactive lifestyle generates both an inclination to view somewhat more television and a predisposition towards stoutness and obesity.
While its powers as a gift are in themselves profoundly unsettling, arousing in De Quincey not merely dread for the "poor creature" (285) almost killed by his hospitality but amazement at the stoutness of the Malay's constitution, the effects of incorporation--what Nigel Leask glosses as "consuming] the East" (208)--are nothing less than transformative.
5 yards a game, and have displayed more stoutness as of late due to the presence of space eaters Sealver Siliga (6-2, 325) and Alan Branch (6-6, 325), neither of whom faced the Jets in the first meeting.
Defensive tackles Mark Wiseman and Sam Gallant spearheaded the stoutness in the red zone.