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Synonyms for stoutness

the property of being strong and resolute


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the property of excessive fatness

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Marian alone, thanks to her bottle of liquor and her stoutness of build, stood the strain upon back and arms without suffering.
He applauded ADB and its partners for the relevance, stoutness and responsiveness in performing tasks assigned by the African Union.
As in the experience of transvestites, the body of women living with BSS is between male stoutness and female vanity, where the latter denounces and heightens the first, generating social estrangement (41).
may have to abandon its war leverage due to the growing military stoutness of China.
Slenderness versus stoutness of the caudal peduncle contributed most strongly to variation in PC2 (range of proportion of variance explained: 0.037-0.046).
In spite of the fact that exact reason for IHD is not known, a large number of elements like family history of coronary illness, diabetes, raised blood pressure, hoisted cholesterol, smoking, poor sustenance, particularly an excessive amount of fat in the eating routine and stoutness have an impact.6
Customarily considered an illness of grown-ups, sort 2 diabetes is progressively determined in kids in parallel to have rising stoutness rates.
While these constructs add stoutness to circuit designs and they also introduce major overhead to the average case performance on asynchronous adders add benefits.
All plates accept both R3CON and TuffNeck screw technologies, allowing surgeons flexibility to vary the stoutness of the construct.
Therefore, genetically diverse germplasm is essential in breeding programs to enhance the productivity and stoutness of cultivars.
This study from 1980 followed over 1700 adult males over five years and found, exactly like we did, that postcessation weight loss was associated with lighter smoking and "stoutness of build." Strong conclusions cannot be drawn, based on two studies only, but it is interesting that a study performed more than 30 years ago concluded the same.
But Tenerife's last triumph was a 1-0 win against Valladolid in the league and with a defensive stoutness that has seen them keep clean sheets in five of their last six matches they are worth a punt.
It is vital by means of the safety and stoutness of regional connotation particularly on the part of Uzbekistan which is observed as a keystone state but with the minimum cooperative actions with Tashkent.
Since the position of an administrator requires mental, intellectual and organizational ability in the incumbent, the required criteria mentioned in the holy Quraan are Integrity (Amana)15, knowledge, skills and ability to perform one's duties (Ilm) and requisite trust for protection from loss (Hifaazat).16 For physical workers, the mentioned criteria are integrity (Amana) and physical strength and stoutness for work.17
And Kullervo was like her: an ill child he ever was to handle till came the day that in wrath he rent in pieces his swaddling clothes and kicked with his strength his linden cradle to splinters--but men said that it seemed he would prosper and make a man of might and Untamo was glad, for he thought he would have in Kullervo one day a warrior of strength and a henchman of great stoutness. (7-8) As Beren will be, Kullervo is aided in his adventures by a marvelous canine companion, Musti the Hound, "the wisest of hounds [...] a dog of fell might and strength and of great knowledge [who] knew the secret of the changing of skin and could appear as wolf or bear or as cattle great or small and could [sic] much other magic besides.