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Synonyms for stouthearted

Synonyms for stouthearted

used especially of persons


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As of this moment, the margins of institutional asset management are being impacted by new strategies and new thinking, and even the most stouthearted believers in long-only alpha cannot fail to have noticed the sands shifting beneath their feet.
Scrutinising the metaphors: "The Israeli Counter Victory", "Operation Valiant", "Operation Stouthearted Men" and "God's Chosen Prevailed"
But for the Pantler and his wife, the cook and his two helpers (dead drunk, all three of them), the parish priest, the footman, four stouthearted Haiduks, and myself, the castle stood unmanned.
The drst time I saw John Terry play football, I thought, now here's a stouthearted fella who would never cry after missing a crucial penalty in a European Cup Final.
Its resuscitation requires only a love for wisdom and a stouthearted confidence in the reliability of common sense.
The incredible swing in those Missouri polls and the stouthearted stand for life in South Dakota convince me of that.
of meaning can tempt even the stouthearted to retreat into a fortress of
These stouthearted medical missionaries, "micro-biologists," finally make their exit from the patient, appropriately enough, through a tear.
In Psalm 138, David declares "When I called, you answered me; you made me bold and stouthearted."
Illness and injury had forced manager Stuart Watkiss' hand and Birch's stouthearted display, capped by an equaliser, almost made it a trump card.
The remodel of this 1926 Tudor-style cottage in Los Angeles would have given the most stouthearted remodeling junkie pause.
Rees is a good researcher who gets the historical details right." Wiltsie's voice is perfect for the stouthearted and yet feminine heroines, Nancy Kington and her half-sister, Minerva Sharpe.
While seeking safety in Paris, she meets and falls in love with Ferial, a stouthearted and patriotic young French woman.
I can't pretend to having read more than a few of the hundred-odd books made to the design specifications of a Pentagon press release, but judging by those of which I've read at least enough to appreciate the author's command of the false but stouthearted syllogism, the attempt at persuasion appears to have shifted from the secular to the religious lines of argument.
With the absence of committed adult males to bond with or emulate, the deweys remain "stouthearted, surly, and wholly unpredictable" children (39).