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an archaic drinking vessel

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basin for holy water


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Liautaud and Stoup arrived at the geographic South Pole on Christmas Eve, having faced gale-force winds, temperatures that dipped below -50 degrees Celsius (-58 degrees Fahrenheit) and three-meter-high sastrugi, or frozen waves in the ice.
Student Association President Jim Stoup acknowledged in November 1968 "that the [course assignment] standards of academics at Saint Joseph's were 'below normal' when compared to the standards of other Midwest, small Catholic institutions.
If those stakes were not enough, Parker and his expedition partner Doug Stoup will have to pass the Trans-Antarctic Mountains, which at their highest point reach 2,528 metres (14,855) close to height of Mount Blanc.
Steve Stoup, senior vice president of marketing and business development recently spoke to ABA Bank Marketing magazine about the institution's cutting-edge video use.
What's new Skiing Antarctica's glaciers and mountain slopes with Doug Stoup on his Ice Axe Expeditions on Sea Adventurer, a 128-passenger ice-breaker in the Quark Expeditions fleet.
The water stoup, a large hollowed out boulder of Portsoy marble in the porch, and a 16th-century Flemish wooden Madonna and Child in the narthex, are similarly re-used from upstairs.
The tower is the oldest structure in the area and also features a medieval font, a holy water stoup and an "apparently Norman" chancel arch.
Stoup, Fiber Deflection Probe for Small Hole Metrology, Precision Eng.
After Toby's call for a stoup of wine Feste entered carrying a lantern, as if lighting fools' way to knavery.
A Hummel pottery holy water stoup and three of Berta's endearing figures, the one extreme left called Happy Past Times and extreme right Boot Boy.
And it's come to a pretty pass when even a bishop warns his flock not to dip their fingers in the holy water stoup in church to prevent the spread of the disease.
Philip Stoup, Note, The Development and Failure of Social Norms in Second Life, 58 DUKE L.
The Foundation was founded in 1954 by a Stoup of passionate real estate professionals concerned about the financial risks facing the brokerage community.