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100 stotinka equal 1 lev in Bulgaria

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From 1 January people in Burgas will pay 2 leva and 77 stotinki for cubic water, and those in Montana 2 leva and 89 stotinki.
In a Wednesday interview for Darik Radio, Delchev explained that the seasonal factor caused fuel prices to increase each summer but it only added several stotinki to retail fuel prices.
He explained that the amendments would result in a slight increase in prices of foreign cigarette brands, while prices of cheaper brands would stay the same or even decrease by a few stotinki.
The fee is 50 stotinki per person," says the shopkeeper of the only store in Mezek.
(Meanwhile, the unworthy apple, Bulgaria's most ample fruit crop, would sit neglected in the produce aisle at 50 stotinki a kilogram, roughly ###content###.15 per pound.) The most ambitious parents would camp out in front of the store overnight to make sure they got the bananas and oranges first thing in the morning as they went on sale.
Marlboro Lights now cost only 40 stotinki more than Victory White, the latter a Bulgartabac product that was the brand leader in the country before the advent of competitively-priced rivals from elsewhere in the European Union, notably Romania.
The rose farmers report that they expect a good harvest this year with a kilogram of blossoms set to fetch 55 stotinki. An estimated 15 000 decares of roses will be harvested in the region over the next 22-25 days.
Instead, Svintila writes of his teacher Bianca Lanzani, who spoke Bulgarian better than her Bulgarian pupils, as well as the symbolic 50 stotinki fine for using Bulgarian words in class after the second month of tuition.
As at the beginning of May, the arithmetic of currency conversion is fairly easy; a euro buys you about 10 rands, which with the currency board means that a rand is about 20 stotinki. Automatic teller machines are ubiquitous and major-brand credit cards are accepted practically everywhere.