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Synonyms for storyline


Synonyms for storyline

the plot of a book or play or film


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He will be written out in a dramatic storyline in the autumn.
Although his return from the dead was stretching the boundaries of reality, he's been at the centre of some of the better storylines in the bland wilderness of the last year.
And Liz is ready to unveil the most spectacular storylines yet in a show that has already featured sex, drugs and hermaphrodite babies.
Ricky Tomlinson and Sue Johnston both appeared in the show on that first night as the working-class Grants, and were involved in the somewhat tame storylines over the next three years.
TOYAH BATTERSBY: Actress Georgia Taylor was involved in one of Coronation Street's most hard-hitting storylines when her character was brutally raped by her so-called friend Phil Simmonds.
The star also spoke about the impact his powerful Corrie storyline had, and how blessed he felt to win an award for it.
ANTONY Cotton was spotted filming a shock new Coronation Street storyline as his character Sean Tully ends up homeless and begging on the streets.
He's had treatment and his wife shared their experience on Twitter, saying: 'Thank you so much for the storyline and raising awareness.
They ended the day by giving i us some teasers for new storylines: bullying, a love affaf ir that will shock, some new and old characters to appear again.
A show insider said: "It's a no-holdsbarred storyline and some people might be offended by it.
There is no doubt that current storylines are both controversial and strong, but producer Gareth Rowlands believes soap lends itself naturally to powerful storylines.
The art is excellent and the storylines, which have to do with honor and sacrifice, are simple and moving.
"I feel that the character didn't get enough strong storylines but it's a feeling of disappointment more than anger.
And in a survey a majority of mums and dads said they talked about storylines like these with their families and actually found them helpful when broaching issueswith their children.
Redmond said: "Like many big Brookside storylines, this is not the end of a story, but merely the beginning of the next phase.''