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the series of events and relationships forming the basis of a composition


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One of the story lines they apparently created about Stoltz was that she was dating a plastic surgeon.
Is Venice's lesbian story line inspired by Otalia fans?
The arguments are also unlikely to dispel the force of judicial rhetoric that fans the flames of the abuse-of-power story line.
Batiuk, who has had prostate cancer himself, said he hopes the story line will not only show how people deal with cancer, but also prompt readers to get checkups that could lead to early detection.
Francis of Assisi to the court of the Egyptian Sultan al-Malik al-Kamil in Damietta, we see a moment in which the two story lines of conflict and dialogue intersect.
I do believe that a film can have a queer sensibility without necessarily being explicitly about LGBT characters or story lines," he says.
The story line using the animated people follows closely that of the scripture whereas more liberties are taken with the characters in Buggelsville.
Blend gods of mythology with contemporary settings and three young runaways who become hardened Time Rangers and you have a fast-paced plot which introduces new ideas with skill and ease and slips complex settings into a story line powered by solid characterization.
The first story line involves the distinction Americans draw between the "nation's schools" and "schools in the community.
Chapters assume close reader familiarity with Lord Of The Rings as it considers how Tolkien works religious ideas into the fundamental assumptions of his story line, and how he creates an overwork work reflecting divine design.
Although there has been an explosion of research on fatherhood in the past two decades, the story line in the work and family literature continues to be dominated by the challenges faced by women and mothers as they seek to reconcile the demands of paid work and their responsibilities to provide care to the family.
Producers had to string out a poor story line involving the Ferreiras because key actors were absent, she said yesterday.
We are sad to see Emma go but the departure of Charity gives us scope for a fantastic story line over the winter months that will keep viewers gripped, '' a spokesman said.
EMMERDALE star Sheree Murphy will be written out of the soap in a dramatic story line early next year.