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Synonyms for story

Synonyms for story

a narrative not based on fact


the series of events and relationships forming the basis of a composition

a usually brief detail of news or information

an entertaining and often oral account of a real or fictitious occurrence

Synonyms for story

References in classic literature ?
First he told her there was entirely too much description in the story.
Harrison was right, and she forced herself to expunge most of her beloved descriptions, though it took three re-writings before the story could be pruned down to please the fastidious Mr.
"It hasn't anything to do with the story," said Mr.
"Avonlea is the dearest place in the world, but it isn't quite romantic enough for the scene of a story."
Your story isn't bad -- it's kind of interesting, I'll admit.
Anne made up her mind that the next time she wrote a story she wouldn't ask anybody to criticize it.
In imagination Anne saw herself reading a story out of a magazine to Marilla, entrapping her into praise of it -- for in imagination all things are possible -- and then triumphantly announcing herself the author.
"Bev will run the scrap book department, besides the editorials," said the Story Girl, seeing that I was too modest to say it myself.
"Aren't you going to have a story page?" asked Peter.
The others, with the exception of the Story Girl, looked suitably impressed.
"That's just what Ursula Townley said when her father locked her in her room the night she was going to run away with Kenneth MacNair," said the Story Girl.
"I don't see how you ever had the face," said Felicity; and even Cecily looked as if she thought the Story Girl had gone rather far.
"Never mind that," cried Felix, "but tell us the story. That's the main thing."
"I'll tell it just as the Awkward Man read it, as far as I can," said the Story Girl, "but I can't put all his nice poetical touches in, because I can't remember them all, though he read it over twice for me."
Of that story I will only say that it struck many people by its adaptability to the stage and that I was induced to dramatize it under the title of "One Day More"; up to the present my only effort in that direction.