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Synonyms for storm-tossed

pounded or hit repeatedly by storms or adversities

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The city of Eugene's stormwater fee calls like a siren to officials sailing storm-tossed budgetary seas.
Divers raced to find survivors on June 2 after a Chinese ship sank with more than 450 mainly elderly people in the storm-tossed Yangtze river, raising hopes more people can be found alive.
A fascinated dog observes the meal with fascinated interest, while a hidden artist cricket creates a painting of a storm-tossed boat on the sea, carrying an anxious fisherman who hopes to return home to his wife and child in a village by the sea.
In her music wild and unpredictable choral cries, swoops and storm-tossed fragments of melody piled upon one another to thrilling effect.
WATER BUNCH OF IDIOTS Swimmers in storm-tossed Cellardyke harbour yesterday
ENGLAND lost two fly-halves in a day of storm-tossed drama as the champions were crushed.
Hotshot Savannah lawyer Kenneth Branagh is sideswiped by lust in a typically manipulative and melodramatic thriller from writer John Grisham, given a sodden, storm-tossed sheen by director Robert Altman.
Searching for answers, Yukiko rides the legendary griffin-like creature across the storm-tossed seas.
Liturgy, poetry, and traditional arts in all their forms are among the refuges a deep cultural conservatism affords men and women storm-tossed by the 21st-century.
political stage with the dedication of his presidential library on Thursday, an event that will offer Americans a fresh look at his eight storm-tossed years in the White House.
The Society would not come back until 1814, thanks to Pius VII, who restored it and called its members "skilled rowers for the storm-tossed barque of Peter.
Figures for Broadway's box office and attendance were still a bit storm-tossed in the first full frame (Nov.
Coastguard rescuers swam or waded through storm-tossed seas to link ropes to one of the boats and rescue 11 crewmen, a coastguard spokesman said.
When the MV Carrier ran aground at Llanddulas on April 3, a dramatic overnight rescue operation was carried out to airlift its crew from the storm-tossed deck.