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damaged by storm

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For example, in writing about the Battle of Trafalgar in A History of the English-Speaking Peoples, Churchill wrote: "As the American historian Admiral Mahan has said, 'It was these distant storm-beaten ships upon which the Grand Army never looked which stood between it and the dominion of the world'" (Churchill, 1957).
What is more, it is arguable that the British navy--what Alfred Thayer Mahan called "those far distant, storm-beaten ships"--is all that stood between France and the possible invasion of the United States.
Shown as part of the BBC's TheWorld About Us strand, the production travelled from snow-capped peaks to storm-beaten rocks, providing a glimpse of the intriguing wildlife of the diverse area Dr Shepard will be working in.
Two years after Hurricane Katrina left dozens of its New Orleans supermarkets storm-beaten, looted and flooded, Winn-Dixie has shrewdly and aggressively reopened most of those stores.
But when and how will our sisters and brothers who choose to stay out in the rain realize that they need not stay drenched and storm-beaten for the sake of following a tradition?