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a window outside an ordinary window to protect against severe weather or winter


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I think exterior storm windows would be good, but they are expensive.
The following day, my wife had a storm window propped up on a sawhorse washing it.
Its flaws and distortions make the outdoors shimmer and wave as you walk by, especially in winter when the old storm windows add yet another distorted layer.
But the decision has generated debate, and as the $5.2 million renovation approaches completion, the two buildings might also become energy efficient with the installation of storm windows.
The first step of this process was hauling the storm windows out of their storage place in the basement.
I opened the passenger-side storm window and my side's air vent to ventilate the cabin.
In the back office and records room, where few people see the change, low cost storm window kits were added to cut infiltration and heat gain through leaky single glazed windows.
Each Storm window is bespoke and manufactured to exact requirements.
Department of Energy (DOE) which selected Crystal, along with a relatively small group of leading manufacturers across the nation, for participation in the federal "Highly Insulating R-5 Window and Low-E Storm Window Volume Purchase Program."
That's better than putting old single-pane windows back into new construction, maybe adding a good old-fashioned storm window to a "new" thermally efficient window or door.
It appeared that person(s) unknown went to the enclosed front porch of the complainant, opened a storm window, and dumped a large number of snakes between the storm window and the inside pane.
I know the sounds which are important: the buzzing of cluster flies between the screen and storm window a door slamming shut then opening again mean rain, dying fire small collapses only small ones I will understand these only not the absence of a whole a whole father Hotchkiss' speaker is the most emotionally detached of those in these four first books.
When the deputy, armed with a .38-caliber revolver, went to investigate, he found Kendzierski trying to rip off a storm window to gain entry.
has one of the largest selections of storm window styles in the United States.
In the model presented here the marginal energy savings for one inch of insulation (or one storm window) are smaller than the average savings.