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Among subsistence farmers, storekeeping was difficult since "every family needed groceries but few could pay regularly." Yuen granted credit and lived on the "edge of poverty." His store was the community's meeting place and he "seemed to enjoy the company" but, except for "smiles," did not join the conversation.
Women attend familiarization courses in electronics, structural mechanics, machinery, storekeeping and control tower operation during an eight-week training course at the Airman School.
After five years of storekeeping on Boston's posh Newbury Street, aromatherapist/perfumer Dawn Spencer Hurwitz relocated to the "vastly superior" weather of Boulder to focus on what she does best: creating inimitable fragrances.
Just after the Mexican Revolution ended, two men created a farming, ranching, and storekeeping partnership at Camp Santa Helena, now known as Castolon.
Johnson, Over the Counter and on the Shelf: Country Storekeeping in America, 1620-1920.
His storekeeping father sacrificed much to put his single son through Black River Academy and Amherst College, and then to send remittances as Coolidge studied for the bar and set up his law office in Northampton.
Other major Chinese occupations - storekeeping, hawking, laundering, market gardening, and cooking - were unimportant areas of white employment.
The sage of Concord says that the proper American tries many things, storekeeping, farming, schoolteaching and so on.
Touched by her plight, the principal introduced a procurement course, especially for her, and she started studying storekeeping in the hope that she will advance to the next level.She could not afford the tuition fee, forcing Mr Muchemi to negotiate with the Higher Education Loans Board which could not advance her a loan because her age was beyond their eligibility bracket.
Among others who also left their jobs in the private sector were 255 people from agriculture, 214 from mining and storekeeping, 6,036 agricultural workers and 4,276 from other professions.
Packing will protect the saffron from contamination and facility the transportation and storekeeping of saffron and decreasing the level of losses.
He obtained work in the Naval Storekeeping Department but, following the temporary withdrawal of British forces in 1802, he moved on to New South Wales.
Normally, such responsibility fell upon the individual ship engineers, who, in keeping with merchant marine practices, may have walked aboard for the first time within just weeks or days of the activation notice, and possessed little familiarity with the specifics of "storekeeping" and ship supply support.
The Manual of Variety Storekeeping (New York, 1925), 65-66, reports that many independent merchants avoided hiring saleswomen born and raised in big cities or those who had worked in department stores because they caused dissension by their attitudes and talk of "bolshevism." (48)Earl C.