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Similarly, dispensers, storekeepers, lab technicians and other categories staff were also promoted in next grades from grade-5 to grade-15.
The levy officials also directed the storekeepers of nearby shops to evacuate to avert any damage to life in the event of an attack.
Most of these volunteers were women.They cared for the wounded and sick, drove ambulances and were clerks, cooks and storekeepers.
JEDDAH: Protest strikes in Iran by truckers and bazaar storekeepers have spread to the country's schools.
Being mobility-impaired, I will ban myself immediately from the mini-mart in Fairbourne to avoid any inconvenience - mobility aids are notorious for leaving a trail of carnage and furious storekeepers across Gwynedd.
for Store Keepers and Senior Storekeepers of all districts of Punjab.
Most of the victims were oil shoppers or storekeepers. Ten people were wounded in one of the biggest horrific massacres committed by the Saudi aggression against civilians in Taiz province, the official said.
United has joint collective bargaining agreements covering the majority of its represented work groups, including pilots, ramp and passenger-service agents, storekeepers, load planners, maintenance and fleet technical instructors, and dispatchers.
My first target were two storekeepers whom I patronise.
Storekeepers from two stores also said they ran out of candles the day before Typhoon "Glenda" struck.
Iraqi police stormed the mall that gunmen used to launch the attack on a nearby police station, killing three militants and ending an hours-long standoff that trapped some storekeepers inside, authorities said on Thursday.
In response to an answer on July 16, the "rogue's yarn" was initiated in around 1720 to cut "cappabar" - the misappropriation of rope by Naval storekeepers - not in the 1800s.
Equipping of a warehouse at Badr New City to host a room for the storekeepers, a tools warehouse, also furnishing of concrete tiles and gravel layer.