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a private detective employed by a merchant to stop pilferage

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The store detective chased after Warburton, locating him at the White Swan in Swan Street.
Now New Look has said it has suspended the store detective pending a full investigation.
Shoplifting gang boss Annette Daniel is suspected of wearing a burqa to hide her identity from store detectives.
JAILED Wayne Davison pulled a knife on a store detective as he made off with a TV
He said: "We must protect store detectives from this type of behaviour."
Store detective Terry Allsopp saw Davison brazenly walk out of Asda in Blyth with a boxed television under his arm.
A woman claiming to be a store detective approached the mum of three, telling her there was a problem with her change and demanding she return to the store.
One store detective guarded the gun while police moved in to arrest the man.
Although Lefebvre always considered herself an electronics junkie--as a child she would take apart clocks and appliances in her parents' home and then reassemble the various parts--she began her professional career as a store detective for a department store chain in Montreal.
Outside, under that brilliant sky, I'm on the ground with the store detective's thirty-eight against my ear.
Betty had only been in the store five minutes when she was approached by a young smartlooking woman of about thirty, who told her she was a store detective, and what's more, this woman knew Betty's surname.
She may be clever enough to create a distraction by planting a stolen item on another woman which sets off the alarm, but she's nabbed by a store detective (above).
The man turned out to be a store detective who she then assaulted when he gave chase after she had stolen three bottles of perfume from a display.
But serial shoplifter Wayne Davison stepped up to a frightening level when he pulled a knife on a store detective.
She was abducted by a woman posing as a store detective in Littlewoods, and her parents Paul, and Maggie, now 54 and 55, had to endure an agonising five days without news.