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a vanilla-scented resin from various trees of the genus Styrax

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Keywords: Wood extractives, thermogravimetric analysis, Liquidambar orientalis, storax wood, thermal degradation, natural fire retardants
Take lapdanum ypurede, 1111 ounces; fyn storax calamyte, an ounce and half; (...); water of roses as moche as suffV3eb.
To the same end, Section V of Bai's essay refers to Tang Shenwei's Zhenglei bencao (1082), the Song-era pharmacopoeia, which catalogued numerous accepted uses for frankincense, liquid storax, costus, myrrh, cloves, benzoin and nutmeg.
I had never heard of "storax" until the word caught my ear while watching "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer." Based on Patrick Suskind's 1985 novel, it's a fascinating film, especially for anyone interested in chemistry.
(38) Zheng He's mariners traded silk and porcelain for Arab pharmaceuticals, such as myrrh, aloe, and storax, and an ambassador from Dhofar even traveled to China to pay tribute to the emperor.
These include the usual suspects of frankincense and myrrh, storax, saffron, "every kind of seed," and unidentified aromatics and "odoriferous substances" intimate with each invoked god.
This was supplied and installed by Storax Racking Systems.
(Whitehead's varnish is made up of a mixture of ether, iodoform, benzoin, storax, and tolu balsam.
For instance, the following gives advice on how to make an incense: "and the Lord said unto Moses, take unto thee sweet spices, Stacte (also known as storax) and Onycha (also known as labdanum) and Galbanum, also Frankincense; of each there shall be a like weight, and make an incense blended as by the perfumer."
of orris root, ground nutmeg, ground clove, gum benzoin and powdered storax.
Some essential NWFPs found in Turkey are resins; resinous wood; storax of Liquidambar orientalis; leaves of Laurus nobilis L., Eucalyptus spp., and Thymus spp, etc.; fruits of Quercus ithaburensis Decne, Rhus L., Cerasus mahalep L., Pistacia terebintus L., and Pinus pinea L.
For sales, spare parts and service from April 1 on both the Gram and Storax lines, contact Gram Equipment A/S, Aage Grams Vej 1, DK-6500 Vojens, Denmark; telephone: 45-73- 201700; fax: 45-73-201701; e-mail
I will first cite from the former, Ecclesiastes 24:20-21: "Sicut cinnamomum et balsamum aromatizans odorem dedi, / quasi myrrha electa dedi suavitatem odoris; / et quasi storax, et galbanus, et ungula, et gutta, / et quasi Libanus non incisus vaporavi habitationem meam / et quasi balsamum non mistum odor meus"; and, then, 39:17-19: "In voce dicit: Obaudite me, divini fructus, / et quasi rosa plantata super rivos aquarum fructificate.
The firm's refrigerated facilities feature -20 [degrees] F storage capabilities; state-of-the-art Storax mobil racking systems for efficient, higher capabilities; quick freezing and extreme low temperature freezing, blast freezing; receiving, warehouse and auxiliary services including USDA inspection services, refrigerated truck and rail docks and U.S.