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a cell that can be recharged

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We assume that all the initial sizes of PFs are zero and the PF size changing pace is as same as the size of a file storage cell, thus the count of storage cells occupied by a PF can be increased during a PF move.
The BlueCool Truck system uses a cold storage cell that is charged while the truck is operated.
3]He from the buffer cell is then compressed in a second step into a detachable storage cell, e.
The Solis faucet's integrated power-plant storage cell transforms light from any source into electrical energy.
It combines the latest in manufacturing technology through an infrastructure linked via satellite to an "agile" communications and storage cell of technical data located at Focus: HOPE in Detroit.
The key stations are located at the cell controllers: Mixer Cell Controller, Automated Trough Storage Cell Controller, Line Cell Controller, and Fruit Cooker Cell Controller.
Keeping inactive disks in a removable storage cell significantly reduces needless energy consumption, becoming a significantly more cost-effective element of the storage hierarchy.
Typically each bit is stored as an amount of electrical charge in a storage cell consisting of a capacitor and a transistor.
Analysis of the data demonstrated that the fall discharge from a lagoon design featuring four anaerobic cells, one treatment cell, and one storage cell with either 6 or 12 months of storage has produced effluents of quality superior to the four types of mechanical plant effluents investigated in terms of all the parameters discussed except TSS.
Another compromise from Trumpf is a standard storage cell with a single stack with eight-bin storage, called the Compact Store.
Each storage cell in a dynamic random-access memory chipconsists of one capacitor and one transistor.
The DRAM structure consists of a capacitor and a transistor that store data in a storage cell.
Under previous rules, nuclear facility operators were not required to report immediately if the liquids remained in a concrete sealed chamber, called a storage cell, which is set up at each stage of processing, in event of a leakage of highly radioactive waste liquids from pipes and tanks.
GS Yuasa's engineers have equipped the Detroit with the firm's lead storage cell, which can be recharged through a household power outlet, according to the company.
The latest incident saw a mix of spent reactor fuel and cement escape from a 500-litre drum inside a heavily- shielded storage cell.