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Storage management for disk storage was popularized by IBM's HSM functionality beginning in 1976 and was soon followed by DSM/OS, an HSM product from Sterling Software that quickly gained appeal for its performance, ease-of-use and policy-based capabilities.
The Cisco technologies that power Intelligent Fabric Applications are available through the new Cisco MDS 9000 Storage Services Module and the Cisco MDS 9000 SAN-OS 2.
Storage Demand Drives Need for Capacity-Management Solutions
The TCP/IP packets are then routed very quickly over the Ethernet network, where they are delivered to an iSCSI storage target.
Results from our early support program proved that our SRM solution further delivers on the Softek promise to simplify and optimize the management of complex, multi-vendor storage infrastructures from a common management platform to achieve better-utilization, more productive staffs, and greater application availability," said Steven Murphy, president and CEO at Softek.
Other components include maintenance of a stable storage environment, periodic media renewal, conversion to new technology platforms, and quality control procedures.
Highlights of current predictions for 2007 in the storage industry include:
Infinite storage capacity that can be resized, reused, reallocated and shared
With Unisys Storage Sentinel, all storage resources--no matter where they are or how they are attached--can be managed as one storage network, from one management dashboard.
Traditionally, underground storage is defined as the storage of natural gas in underground reservoirs at a different location from which is was produced.
While the discussion about grid file systems is important, the nature of the storage underneath them is equally critical, if not more so.
RELDATA, provider of a new generation of unified IP SAN/NAS storage gateways, will be a participant in the Emerging Technology Showcase September 27 at 3 p.
Traditional storage systems typically have two controllers that are clustered together creating an active-active pair that appears as a single logical storage system aggregating processing power, bandwidth and memory.
TeraCloud's Integrated Storage Analytics addresses the number one concern ignored by the rest of the market -- What is in my environment and what is the best use of my assets?