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Synonyms for stopple

blockage consisting of an object designed to fill a hole tightly

close or secure with or as if with a stopper


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The supplier's other leading brands include Ear Stopples, a soft cotton-wax earplug, and Quiet Down, a soft "down-fiber" earplug.
Expanding its product lineup has been a characteristic of Flents since its beginnings in 1927 as a supplier of ear stopples.
These tools, such as the Lineboar Piggable Valve[TM], allow repair and maintenance to take place without blowing down, evacuating or depressurizing the onshore pipeline, and without welding on or cutting a hole into the line using hot-taps or stopples.
Although its beginnings were in ear care, with an offering of ear stopples in 1927, Flents has evolved into a mainstay supplier of numerous health-related products as well as baby care and foot care items and shaving preparations.
Unlike stopples, intelligent pressure isolation plugs are leak free and isolate pipelines with a 0% leak tolerance.
Traditional maintenance procedures often require a hole to be cut into the pipeline wall for stopple isolation installation, or the entire pipeline system to be depressurized and taken out of service to facilitate these changes.
Issues considered in the assessment included: use of single or double stopple plugging machines, confined space entry behind the stopples, and environmental risks.