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Antonyms for stoppable

capable of being stopped


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Harri Sateri stopped 29 of 32 shots and some of his saves were terrific, but a couple of the goals looked stoppable.
And just 20 minutes later captain Clarke tricked his way through and unleashed an stoppable shot.
The coal industry might be stoppable by choking off its transportation corridors.
In terms of a message that might be conveyed in earthquake prone zones, "of course Mother Nature/ God is not stoppable but there are ways of reducing damage and preventing death.
It's a trend that we, and especially the executives, believe is not stoppable.
The elements of the contemporary zombie are all present: (1) Radiation bursts from outer space have reanimated the brains of the unburied dead, (2) making them ravenous for living human flesh, and (3) stoppable only by a round to the brain.
In early 2007, when James Hansen spoke at the National Press Club about the need for a moratorium on new coal plants, the notion that the coal juggernaut might be stoppable seemed wildly optimistic.
Snow melting due to sun exposure and refreezing is not stoppable by any means.
RA celebrated again in first half stoppable time with Abel once more the marksman.
Collectively, looking at that, we are satisfied that this virus is spreading to a number of a countries and it is not stoppable," she said.
This time it will not be stoppable because too many of the basic connectors between Quebec and the ROC have been eaten away.
My concern as a coach is that the first and second goals were stoppable.
In the new world of a war schemed and strategized that seems now barely stoppable.
City suffered at Stoke after an unpreventable own-goal and a completely stoppable second was too much to overcome, even after Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink threatened to carve out a comeback.