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faucet consisting of a rotating device for regulating flow of a liquid


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If you're going away for Christmas leave the heating on low and, if you're going to be away for a while, turn off the water at the stopcock.
Unless you can shut off your stopcock in time, the damage can be thousands of pounds- and worst of all, your house could be flooded with water everywhere.
Make sure you know where your stopcock is so you can turn it off quickly in an emergency and prevent a potential flood.
Therefore, regardless of the position of the stopcock or the level of the transducer (relative to the foramen of Monro), the bedside telemetry monitor will send a value to the EMR.
A stopcock regulates the flow of cold water that supplies the house - and it is vital to know where it is located for an emergency, as shutting off the water supply could save money and prevent the destruction of treasured possessions if a pipe were to burst.
If a pipe bursts turn off the stopcock and call in a plumber.
? Find out where the main stopCOCK for your home is - this may help reduce the amount of damage in an emergency.
"Being on the eighth floor, we will have to wait for the water to come up because gravity keeps it down." Or you could just turn the stopcock on.
So her maid reached for the stopcock when plumbers tried to drain a faulty radiator recently.
* Silver ions embedded in the Swabbable Stopcock for 2 layers of protection (DSS).
Miller and colleagues at Groote Schuur Hospital have recently modified this method by replacing the ramp with a single stopcock (Lopez Valve, Pediatric; ICU Medical, CA, USA--Ref.
Nash arrives to find water gushing out and goes down to the cellar in search of a stopcock - where a face from the past confronts him.
Directional Control Respiratory Valves made in manual stopcock, pneumatic sliding & automated balloon types, Linear Pneumotachs & Flow Instrumentation modules, Volume Calibration Syringes, Lung Simulators such as Breathing Simulator, Flow/Volume Simulator & Dlco Simulator, Linear Flow Resistors, Bags, Breathing Tubes, Noseclips, Mouthpieces, Connectors, Valve Supports and accessories for mask comfort & best fit such as Comfort Seal Foams and Ultimate Seal Gels Call Hans Rudolph at 800-456-6695.
Step-by-step procedures for instilling a thrombolytic agent are provided for the following three negative pressure approaches: (a) three-way stopcock and two syringes (see Table 2), (b) two syringes (no stopcock) (see Table 3), and (c) single syringe (see Table 4) (Genetech, Inc., 2002; Gorski, 2003; Haire & Herbst, 2000; Herbst & McKinnon, 2001).
He fills a 3-cc syringe half full of water or saline and attaches it to the hub of the Veress needle, primes the needle with sterile water, doses the stopcock, and carefully removes the barrel from the syringe.