stop dead

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stop moving or become immobilized

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There are also those who suddenly stop dead in the middle of the fairway to say 'Fancy meeting you!' to acquaintances and thereby create a solid obstruction.
It's when you pick up speed but then the forces nature dictate the board you're on must stop dead in the water while your face acts as the brake that brings you to a rapid and agonising standstill.
You can't expect the ball to stop dead on a links course like Muirfield, yet Mickelson is using a lob wedge from 10 yards away and getting it to hold.
Things that cripple you A top 4 list of paralyzing aspects of life that make us all stop dead in our tracks.
After the Press Conference to launch the White Paper, the BBC reported that Families would have no legal right to stop dead relatives' organs being used for transplant if the person has not opted out in advance, under a proposed Welsh law.
When will reporters stop over-praising Tony McCoy for winning races when his nearest opposition fall or stop dead in their tracks on the run-in (Wichita Lineman and Rash Moment)?