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a person at a racetrack who searches for winning parimutuel tickets that have been carelessly discarded by others

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a person who carries himself or herself with the head and shoulders habitually bent forward

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Note: Door Stooper Heavy Duty, Arch~s Make or equivalent.
The patient may develop pneumonia from aspirating microflora from the oral cavity, but the risk for this can be lessened with frequent oral care (Chalmers & Pearson, 200S; Sarin, Balasubramaniam, Corcoran, Laudenbach, & Stooper, 2008).
Eoin O'Neill of Donegal Celtic under-11s finds himself under pressure from Ridgeway Rovers' Joseph Sevlin NOT VERY HOOPY The Donegal Celtic under-11s, with their coaches, after they lost 6-1 to Ridgeway, above, on Saturday WHITE ON, MATE Ben White is congratulated by his Lisburn Distillery under-15 teammates after scoring the winner STOOPER STAR Lisburn Distillery's match-winner Ben White rises to get to the ball in front of Andrew Drylie of Hillsborough DRY'LL GET AWAY Andrew Drylie of Hillsborough Boys tries to break away from Lisburn Distillery's Andy Sheldon on Saturday
WATER BABE: Uma after a dip; STOOPER STAR: Hunting in her beach kit; HOT BOT: Uma shows off more than she intended; Pictures: ELIOT PRESS/JASON FRASER