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Synonyms for stoolpigeon

someone acting as an informer or decoy for the police

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Stoolpigeon won a Radio Gloucester best duo prize in 2007, and have played at rugby clubs, private functions and venues like the Old Joint Stock in Birmingham and Bridgnorth's Theatre On The Steps.
Other unParliamentary terms include: blackguard, coward, guttersnipe, rat, swine, stoolpigeon, hooligan, wart and traitor.
(Oct 10); Tony Hancock Appreciation Society Convention (Oct 11); Stoolpigeon: Postcards on the Edge (Oct 11)
Pussy, Tony Jr's Godfather, was attempting not to give the FBI what they needed to put Tony away, having become a stoolpigeon.
Steve Collins last night pleaded to be let loose on American superstar Roy Jones after packing stoolpigeon Nigel Benn into retirement.