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Synonyms for stoolie

one who gives incriminating information about others

Synonyms for stoolie

someone acting as an informer or decoy for the police

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In I The Jury, he executes the villain, but in My Gun Is Quick, he passes judgment on a police stoolie, whose life he spares.
When Wexler angrily called Kazan "a stoolie," Schickel replied with equal vehemence that he applauded Kazan's naming of names: "I've never seen anything particularly immoral about it....
He doesn't care if others call him a stoolie and a snitch.
Even those obituary writers and pundits who acknowledged Kazan's legendary stage and film achievements felt compelled to note prominently the recurring charge that the 94-year-old director was a "rat" or a "stoolie" because he "named names."
In the first of several gripping set pieces, the cops monitor the meeting between Hon and his Thai contact (Chaucharew Wichai), with Chan secretly sending Morse-code messages to Wong while Lau passes info back to Hon that he has a stoolie in his midst.
His biggest stab at movies, The Stoolie, sank without trace.
Caught between the men is putative stoolie Canary Jim (a physically miscast, if commendably agile, Lynch), who will do little to risk his imminent parole.