stool pigeon

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Synonyms for stool pigeon

one who gives incriminating information about others

Synonyms for stool pigeon

someone acting as an informer or decoy for the police

a dummy pigeon used to decoy others

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(8) The fact that these words come from a character named Stool Pigeon is note worthy, for this name most often references someone who tells on someone else, a tattletale, an informant, or snitch.
This is a timely occasion, incidentally, for discussing the role of the stool pigeon in government.
Stool Pigeon believes that Ester died of "grief," ashamed at the decline of the African American community, and indeed the play suggests that without Ester's spiritual guidance the community will continue its decline into disrepair and disregard for the value of human life.
And we don't need any Stool Pigeon to let you into a secret - Kid Creole wins the best dressed award, both now and then.
RICKY HATTON watched stool pigeon Oscar De La Hoya beaten up by Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas then bragged: "I'll take on either of them."
Yet as shallow as they might sometimes appear on first listening, his sexually potent mix of rhythm and rhyme has produced classic hits such as Annie I'm Not Your Daddy, Stool Pigeon and I'm a Wonderful Thing Baby.
"I'm the only member of the cast who is old enough to have actually been to a disco in the 1970s." In 1982, his group Kid Creole And The Coconuts had hits with Stool Pigeon and I'm A Wonderful Thing, Baby.
Over the years, since chart hits Stool Pigeon, I'm A Wonderful Thing, Baby and Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy, the Kid hasn't changed much.
Stool Pigeon, for instance, in August Wilson's King Hedley II, could be misunderstood as half-mad.
A contrasting love stow develops between Boss Whalen's new secretary, Eva (Sherri Parker Lee), and his in-house spy, Canary Jim (Finbar Lynch), who's despised as a stool pigeon by his fellow inmates but who uses his compromised position to break the prison scandal to the world.
TAMPERING with Kid Creole's Stool Pigeon and Tom Tom Club's Wordyrappinghood, this could be cheesy enough to give the X Factor rejects the hit they so crave.
In an interview with music paper The Stool Pigeon, the singer added that he felt "unhappy" at how the crisis is affecting other people.
Added to this, Knacker's friend Bella (Natalie Brown) and her transvestite brother Lillian (Tim Ruddy) retreat to Knacker's now-crowded pad with the news that local mob boss Top Dog has been sold out by one of his own men, and the others are scouring the city for the, er, stool pigeon.
Throwing in 80s hit Stool Pigeon right at the start, then I'm A Wonderful Thing and Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy, Darnell still manages to include a whole batch of new tunes, as well as dusting off more obscure gems like 1981's Gina, Gina (He's Just A Ski Instructor).
The awesome Jeremy Piven (Ari from Entourage) plays a personality magician linked to the Vegas mob who decides to turn stool pigeon.