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Synonyms for gem

Synonyms for gem

someone or something considered exceptionally precious

Synonyms for gem

art highly prized for its beauty or perfection


Related Words

a crystalline rock that can be cut and polished for jewelry

a person who is as brilliant and precious as a piece of jewelry

a sweet quick bread baked in a cup-shaped pan

a precious or semiprecious stone incorporated into a piece of jewelry

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This finding is based on exports from India of Natural or Cultured Pearls, Precious or Semi-Precious Stones, Precious Metals, Metals Clad with Precious Metal and its products export data of InfodriveIndia.
Dedicated top-level buyers from Albania, Bahrain, Kuwait, Macedonia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Ukraine, will look to purchase the latest rough stones, precious gems and metals and finished fine jewellery from more than 360 exhibitors taking part in the consumer and trade event taking place from December 4 to 7 at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).
This area is blessed with unlimited and heavy deposits of precious and semi-precious stones, precious and semi-precious metals, and industrial stones like Ruby, Gold, Topaz, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Epidote, Paragasite, Zircon, Actinolite, Lead, Moonstone, Himalayan Quartz, Emerald, Marble, Granite, Feldspar, Mica, Calcite, Feldspar, Antimony, Graphite, Alum, Coal, Copper, Barite, China Clay etc".
7 billion, and precious stones, precious metals and pearls ranked third at $2.
Switzerland's main exports are precious stones, precious metals and jewel-lery, watches, machinery, pharmaceutical and chemical products.