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a craftsman who works with stone or brick

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Stonemasonry is still at the heart of Ruby Granite, but advances in the tools and technology used mean they are able to produce up to 25 kitchens in a 40-hour week.
"Events like this can really inspire our future workforce and it was fantastic seeing our schoolchildren get involved and trying their hands at traditional building techniques like stonemasonry and roof slating."
The arts of Iran are one of the richest art heritages in world history and encompasses many traditional disciplines including architecture, painting, literature, music, weaving, pottery, calligraphy, metalworking and stonemasonry.
Now she is following a stonemasonry apprenticeship with Historic Scotland - and she loves every minute of it.
From left Joe Clancy, lecturer in carpentry and joinery; Richard Pollitt, apprentice carpenter; Jon Chalmers-Hunt, apprentice stonemason; Dan Inglis,apprentice stonemason; Luke McEnroe, apprentice carpenter, and Lee Saunders, stonemasonry tutor at the training site near Bedale
Our limited collection consists of unique combinations of carved wood, stonemasonry, mother of pearl craft calligraphy, gilding and shadow play technique on glass pieces," she said.
The biennial event, this year held in Leipzig, Germany, challenges 18-25 year-olds from across the globe to compete for gold, silver and bronze medals by showing excellence in 40 different skills from stonemasonry and brickwork to cooking and mechanical engineering.
North Providence, RI, June 14, 2013 --( Most Valuable Construction today announced the launch of as an informational portal with educational resources on things like how to choose the right masonry contractor, outdoor living spaces for all seasons, and many other helpful tips on stonemasonry installation and repair needs for Rhode Island Area residents.
Stonemasonry boss Tom Finlay, 48, was standing 50m from his voluptuous hand-carved Venus de Milo, when a lightning bolt sent stone flying through the air, the Daily Telegraph reported.
Tom Finlay, a 48-year-old stonemasonry boss and the sculptor behind the breasts (and the rest of the statue, as well) said he was standing 164 feet from his masterpiece when he saw a flash of white light and heard an "almighty kaboom," ( reported NT News .
Coun Bird added: "We can't put a specific timeframe on this programme as all the memorials are different and some may require specialist stonemasonry work.
St Andrews firm WL Watson and Sons will do the stonemasonry work, using many of the same techniques as their 16th century predecessors.
It covers ten crafts including bricklaying, carpentry, joinery, painting and decorating, plastering, roofing and stonemasonry.
He was twenty when he started learning stonemasonry and soon managed to pick up the profession for the rest of his life.
Battling through discrimination equal to what just about any immigrant group faces in getting established here, the Irish found their place in society, offering skills at stonemasonry, carpentry and other trades.