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any plant of the genus Lithops native to Africa having solitary yellow or white flowers and thick leaves that resemble stones

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s Knox County Stone plant has worked 700,000 hours without a lost-time accident.
They wanted to know how the project could accommodate more transmission capacity for wind or other renewable sources, and they wanted us to do more to improve the emissions from the entire Big Stone Plant site," he said.
At approximately 15 litres of diesel per operating hour, the L 580 XPower consumes around five litres less than an existing competitor machine undertaking similar activities in the gravel and crushed stone plant.
However, while we all know what a green plant and the blue ocean look like, the coloration of cinnabar moth caterpillars and the appearance of stone plants may be less familiar to many readers.
A windy site Blooming shrubs Ceanothus, cistus, coast rosemary Dry shade A pretty Cranesbill, Western sword fern groundcover (Polystichum munitum) A sunny stone Plants between Creeping thyme, Dymondia path pavers margaretae, lippia (Phyla nodiflora), thrift (Armeria) A tiny backyard Privacy screening Clumping bamboo, hop bush, Pittosporum eugenioides
Stone plants are expanding through the use of their own internal resources and expertise.
Actress Sharon Stone plants a lingering smacker on the lips of a woman who has just paid $50,000 - more than pounds 31,000 - for the privilege.
The move follows the pounds 24 million deal early in October in which AI acquired a number of quarries and stone plants in the Midlands, North-west and Scotland from Tarmac, which is now owned by South African mining company Anglo American.
8 million cubic meters of volume sold in 2007) and 5 paving stone plants.
Summary: FUJAIRAH - All quarries, crushing stone plants and factories in Fujairah, which fall under the jurisdiction of the Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation (FNRC) will be monitored by hi-tech surveillance cameras through a central control room run by the Director General of FNRC and the technical team of environment-related engineers.
Midlands-based Aggregates Industries yesterday clinched a pounds 24 million deal to acquire quarries and stone plants formerly owned by Tarmac which are been sold off by new owners, Anglo American.
Summary: FUJAIRAH -- The Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation reported 17 quarries and crushing stone plants in the emirate over the last three months for breaching rules and regulations governing the safety of the environment.
By 1901, the aggregate industry has grown considerably, and one editor said, "There should be crushed stone plants in the neighborhood of every town of 3,000 population or more in the country, especially on the railways, which use great quantities of this material.
The product is a fit for sand and gravel operations and as a yard loader for crushed stone plants.
The project aims to reduce diesel pollution at four Luck Stone plants.