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a facing (usually masonry) that supports an embankment

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The new housing must be no more than five stories and include a masonry brick or stone facing in keeping with the neighborhood.
50 m 2 of natural stone facing brickwork on the building and facade approx.
Built by Joshua Edisbury between 1684 and 1687, additional wings were added in the 1720s and it was given a stone facing in 1770.
A Tower spokesman said: "The stone facing has been under observation and work on it was planned for the future.
Shelter: Dry toilets, stone facing walls, mixed framework, waterproofing, locksmith and steel furniture corten, photovoltaic panel.
the work includes removal of trees and surface organics, importing of fill, concrete sidewalks, curb & gutter, reinforced concrete sign foundation, fractured stone facing, installing pre-fabricated sign, sign lettering and sign illumination.
At each bridge, the construction of concrete spread footings, abutment walls, and wingwalls, flowable fill between abutments and above the existing arch, prestressed concrete slab beams, concrete slab, approach slabs, parapets, stone facing and cap stone shall be as shown.