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totally deaf

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Finally, of course, Beethoven was stone deaf by the time the symphony got its premiere.
Next time I fly I'd like to tote with me my own howling carry-on baggage whose in-flight screams, combined with those of the other caterwauling bundle of joy that's bound to be on board, will finally put paid to my long-tortured eardrums and render me totally stone deaf.
Legend has it the saint managed to resist the cries of the demons that stalked the mountain in the 7th century AD - he was in fact stone deaf.
Mrs Russell may like living next to static pylons but, unless she is stone deaf and blind, I doubt she would enjoy living with the noise and flicker effects of giant wind turbines.
We will assume that despite being almost stone deaf, Lt.
This thoroughly entertaining, passionate guy, with his three stone deaf daughters and his refusal to let life get him down, deserves a spell in the limelight.
It's just as well that George Stephenson's statue was stone deaf.
BEG; He is stone deaf but Button knows how to get a tasty treat; FETCH; Eyes fixed on Wendy's hand signal, he's ready to run; STAY; Jack Russell pup cannot hear any thing but obeys command; NO; The young pup can be naughty but this signal makes him stop; SIT; Wendy's patient teaching over the last five weeks has made rescued Button realise that this hand sign means it is time to sit down; LIE DOWN; Another signal; COME HERE; It looks obvious to an outsider but the fact that Wendy has taught this sign to a totally DEAF dog is amazing
For the caring couple, it didn't matter about Tibby being 14 years old, stone deaf and with renal problems that require a daily tablet.
I know some former soldiers who are stone deaf following their time in the forces.
I heard the faith healer complain about his arthritis to his wife, a dwarf, stone deaf.
Ginny immediately picked a beautiful white kitten; only later did Philip learn that Madam was stone deaf.
I can hear the guffawing already among the older generation, some of whom are stone deaf to the idea that any footballer could ever be fit to lace Best's boots.
Prince Philip apparently revealed that when heart–throbs One Direction played at The Royal Variety Performance (STV) he and the Queen never heard a thing because they are both stone deaf.