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Synonyms for stomper

someone who walks with a heavy noisy gait or who stamps on the ground

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a privately held corporation, is the recognized leader in CD and DVD labeling products with its CD Stomper label applicator system and CD Stomper Pro labeling software.
Our CD Stomper labeling system has put us in close touch with the consumer and enthusiast CD recording market, so we are very aware of the many frustrations users encounter with existing software packages.
So, we are pleased to announce the first ever `Promotion' of one of our Bean Brigade Troopers, as Private First Class (PFC) Stomper will be promoted to Specialist (SP4) effective today.
Mostly, though, ``Into the Sun'' is a perfect installment in the post-Beck pop gallery, where a beautiful and beguiling light stomper called ``Home'' rests cozily against a sleepy bit of bossa nova, some sunny-sweet fluff-pop and some grooving instrumentals.
The 'Queen' Alien Stomper was inspired by the gloss finish of the Xenomorph exoskeleton.
In particular, it's fascinating to compare Pawno to Romper Stomper (Geoffrey Wright, 1992) and consider how--even though the two films are set in the same suburb--both Footscray and the film industry itself have transformed between their respective portraits.
And it was wonderful to see Pamela Stephenson entering as a middle–aged stomper and leaving as an elegant dancer.
THE BLACK KEYS - Turn Blue AFTER 2011's stomper of an album El Camino and single Lonely Boy won them three Grammies, there's a lot of pressure for the Black Keys' latest offering to be just as brilliant.
Discordant stomper Carry Me proves as gritty as the indie rock band gets, but the chilled, breathy Home By Now fits more into a beach-trance vibe continued on It's Alright Now.
Together is reminiscent of The Strokes, Binocular is a bluegrass stomper and a highlight on this decent effort.
Neon Jungle Trouble EP THE new electro stomper from Girls Aloud.
True, we had a blip when I bumped into you as violent nazi Hando in Romper Stomper, but I firmly told myself he was just an imaginary character.
One company, Triotech, specialises in motion-based platforms for bowling alleys such as UFO Stomper (a new dancing game) and the more established MadWave, where you are rocked around in a seat in tandem to the action you are watching on the screen ahead.
In unsubstantiated infarction news, Aussie vert stomper Tas Pappas reportedly had a heart attack.
Yo La Tengo, I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass (Matador) Featuring a piece for chamber orchestra, a full-on garage rock stomper, and a funky piano ditty sung in falsetto, New Jersey's finest continue to push the parameter of indie rock.