stomatopod crustacean

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Regional specialization for control of ocular movements in the compound eyes of a stomatopod crustacean.
Here, we consider the highly evolved eyes of stomatopod crustaceans, commonly known as mantis shrimp.
Multiple spectral classes of photoreceptors in the retinas of gonodactyloid stomatopod crustaceans.
Ocular tracking of rapidly moving visual targets by stomatopod crustaceans, J.
The physiological, ecological, and evolutionary basis of polychromatic ultraviolet sensitivity in stomatopod crustaceans.
This comprehensive guide identifies 800 species of decapod and stomatopod crustaceans from southern Australian waters.
Erythrosquilloidea, a new superfamily, and Tetrasquillidae, a new family of stomatopod crustaceans.