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a minute epidermal pore in a leaf or stem through which gases and water vapor can pass

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Stomate length and chlorophyll per area often do not change with changes in the light environment (Abrams & Kubiske 1990; Niinemets et al.
During photosynthesis the plant takes up carbon dioxide in the form of a gas and releases oxygen in the form of a gas; thus, open stomates are necessary for free gas exchange.
However, rare Picea needles and associated Picea stomates indicate that scattered spruce trees persisted locally in the herb-dominated vegetation.
Plant characteristics such as stomate density, trichome number, and trichome size, for most cases, were measured on the same 10 resistant and 10 susceptible clones; however, in some cases susceptible clones were replaced with other susceptible clones because of deatb from dollar spot.
The first leaves appeared after 56-92 days of culture, with petiole and plate divide narrow, trichomes bifurcate and stomate anomocytic.
Stomate A pore in the leaf epidermis, more often on the underside, which allows gas exchange.
guard cells--Two cells located on either side of the opening, or pore, that forms the stomate.
Also, this stomate type may coexist on the same leaf with more elaborate types.
Krizek and Semeniuk discovered that the fewer stomates a plant has, or the smaller the stomate openings, the more it can resist damage from pollutants.
Adaptation of grasses to water stress--Leaf rolling and stomate distribution.
Differences in stomatal band width and stomate density among several species have been reported (Nicolosi & Lineberger, 1982).
during the light period when the stomates were partly closed by elevated
Under low temperature stress, wheat stomates are partially closed, leading to blocked transport of CO2 to the chloroplasts, as well as a decrease in Ci and Pn.
The guard cells regulate the opening of the stomates, and the guard cells are controlled by the water potential of the leaf.