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garment consisting of a V-shaped panel of stiff material worn over the chest and stomach in the 16th century

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Briefly, the yolk and albumen were homogenized using a stomacher (BagMixer, InterScience, France) in a 1:10 dilution of 0.
Thus silver vessels catalogued in detail are seen in the context of precious accessories such as the gold snuffbox bought of 'Mr Howerd' in 1689 who agreed to refund the 6 [pounds sterling] '& a crown' on demand or the eight diamond buckles provided in 1696 as a stomacher for the first earl's second wife Elizabeth.
The sample was placed in a sterile standard stomacher bag containing distilled water and peptone water with a dilution ratio of 1:100 and was blended and homogenized for 1 to 2 minutes in a stomacher.
Each 25 g sample of thawed ground beef was macerated in a stomacher (Bagmixer, Saint Nom, France) for 120 s with 225 mL of modified EC medium (Becton-Dickinson, Sparks, MD) with 8 mg/L novobiocin (mECMn).
Approximately 25 g of shellfish meat was aseptically transferred to a sterile stomacher bag and blended with 225 ml of sterile peptone water in a stomacher (IUL Instruments, Spain).
The Stomacher 400 EVO Laboratory Blender from Seward combines attributes of the original Stomacher 400 with improved, easy-to-use features, including a one-touch bag loading system.
At post-mortem, spleens were removed, weighted, homogenised in 3 mL of distilled water using a stomacher 80-Biomaster (Seward, England).
jejuni within the cooked livers, we placed each liver in a sterile petri dish, and a 4-5-g portion around the scored inoculated region was removed and added to a Stomacher bag (Seward BA6040, Worthing, UK); 10 mL of Exeter broth was added to each bag before Stomaching (mechanical pounding of the outer surface of the bag to remove bacteria) for 1 min.
Debido al pequeno tamano de las larvas, se proceso completamente un total de 14 organismos en Stomacher (Lab-Blender 80).
Foram tambem realizadas analises microbiologicas nos frutos (Coliformes e Salmonellas) aos 0, 7 e 15 dias de armazenamento, quando amostras de 25 g das polpas irradiadas dos frutos foram retiradas aleatoriamente de forma asseptica das embalagens e, em seguida, foi feita a homogeneizacao em 225 mL de agua peptonada 0,1% (p/v) esterilizada, utilizando-se sacos filtro de Stomacher (Seward Limited) e um Stomacher (IUL Instrument), durante 60 segundos.
Sterilized tomatoes were collected in sterile stomacher bags individually and stomached until a homogenous mixture was obtained.
1% peptone water (Lab M UK) was added to each stomacher bag containing 50 g of the muscle tissue.
The effect of this nosegay, it may easily be conceived, was irresistible, and my bowels, which had, hitherto, remained tranquil, were now forced into rebellion, and, accordingly, repaid, with interest, over the old lady's stomacher, the compliment with which she had so highly favoured, and flavoured my waistcoat.
A sample (10 g) taken from the shrimp muscle was transferred aseptically into a stomacher bag containing 90 mL B.