stomach pump

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a suction pump used to remove the contents of the stomach

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This suggested that the stomach pumps ghrelin into the bloodstream and the hormone then travels to the pituitary where it spurs the release of growth hormone.
In 1869, Adolf Kussmaul (1822-1902) pioneered the treatment of stomach diseases by use of the stomach pump and tube.
Suction consumable products (suction catheters standard open; suction catheters closed system; suction liner systems; suction connecting and bubble tubing; yankauer suction tubes; suction probes handles sets tips and tubes; mucus extractors; chest thoracic catheters cannulae kits and sets; suction ligators; portable/small suction machines; and stomach pump tubing).
Mr Gregory suffered bruising around his medical stomach pump during the incident, and was treated overnight in Newport's Royal Gwent Hospital.
It is believed Maria needed a stomach pump but hospital chiefs refused to reveal medical details.