stomach flu

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inflammation of the stomach and intestines

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Import AZ Reid had 36 points, 11 rebounds and six assists in 43 minutes despite a stomach flu that he's been dealing since the conference began as San Miguel finally played with a sense of urgency after disappointing defeats to the Kia and Meralco.
THE DEFENSE The patient had been suffering from a stomach flu during his initial ED visit.
While the district has had four snow days, Berlin Memorial School was also closed for one day to fight a stomach flu running through the building.
DOHMH are evaluating the patient for other causes of illness, as these symptoms can also be consistent with salmonella, malaria, or the stomach flu, it added.
His challenges were compounded by extreme weather conditions, difficult comparables and the stomach flu.
Bale, who had been suffering from stomach flu, began on the bench, while Ronaldo returned after four games out with a hamstring injury.
The country's cricket board says the two players showed symptoms of stomach flu during the rain-affected, second one-day international at Pallekele International Stadium on Sunday.
Also referred to as stomach flu , gastroenteritis is an inflammation of the lining of the intestines caused by a virus, bacteria or parasites.
Every year, more than 200,000 Americans get stomach flu after ingesting a common bacterium found on the tail ends of dogs — and cats — called campylobacter.
The survey showed that 25% of parents believe that the stomach flu is a type of influenza.
The survey showed that 25% of parents erroneously believe that the stomach flu is a type of influenza.
What is the difference between the stomach flu and swine flu?
Rolf Anderson, of SCA, said: "Both employers and employees must act responsibly to curb the spreading of conditions such as the common cold, stomach flu and influenza.
That means restaurant workers with strep handle our food, nursing home workers with H1N1 care for frail elderly patients, and children with stomach flu infect classmates.