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small porch or set of steps at the front entrance of a house


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As van der Stoep explains on camera, this expenses allowance is "meant basically for having an office… you can use it and you never have to explain what you spend it on.
Van der Stoep opposes a United States of Europe and wants citizens to decide about that in a binding referendum.
The Stoep located along Cheung Sha Beach on Lantau Island.
Vander Stoep (2004) suggests that the present scenario in interpretation research is illustrative of a reduction in priority for social science research for the National Park Service (NPS).
Jy sal nie die honde vet voer soos julle altyd op hierdie plaas gemaak het nie, skaapvleis en sous in hulle bakke tot die sous op die stoep mors.
Henk Jochemsen and Jan van der Stoep (Amsterdam: Rozenberg Publishers, 2010), 53-62.
Unemployment is so stressful for African-American men that, across socio-economic status, job security has been associated with fewer depressive symptoms for black men (Zimmerman, Christakis, & Stoep, 2004).
So it was a bit galling to be there chatting merrily with other families on the stoep (veranda) of the Triple B Ranch farmstead of Horizon Horseback Adventures, to find that with one group of holidaymakers the parents had come out on honeymoon three years before with no riding experience and had so enjoyed the holiday, they brought out their three teenage daughters the next year, where they learned everything equine in the midst of the bushveld.
Tracy M, Zimmerman FJ, Galea S, McCauley E, Vander Stoep A.
From Vivian van der Merwe: 'Last night at about 10h20 SAST, while standing on my stoep in Jamestown, Stellenbosch, I observed an unusually bright and large fireball plummeting out of the eastern night-sky.
Given these concerns, there is a great need for work-based learning programs that connect schools with the community and focus on improving overall work performance as it relates to job-related social skills (Bullis, 1990; Davis & Vander Stoep, 1997).
This particular skill has been shown for a series of games, including chess, mancala (the generic name for all games that are played on rows of holes with identical player counters) and checkers (de Voogt, 2005; Keessen & van der Stoep, 1986; Steinkohl, 1992).
When I did the next scene where Beeda confesses to her friend Garaatie on the stoep, I was willing myself not to fall over.
Nomsa unsettles Beatrice by throwing her bones on the farm stoep, which is an act of both seeing and narrating (Van Binsbergen 2003) while keeping the unfolding story to herself, leaving Beatrice grappling in the dark.
Ann Vander Stoep of the University of Washington, Seattle, and her colleagues, transitionalage youth with serious mental illness are three times more likely to be involved in criminal activity than are their peers without mental illness (Am.