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small porch or set of steps at the front entrance of a house


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As van der Stoep explains on camera, this expenses allowance is "meant basically for having an office… you can use it and you never have to explain what you spend it on.
In order to enhance the benefits of tourism development for local residents and tourists (Borrelli and Kalayil, 2011) and to minimize negative impacts (Miyakuni and Stoep, 2006) a balanced relationship between tourism planning and tourism development is necessary (Inskeep, 1991), as tourism facilities depend on natural and cultural resources.
Family income along with other family variables such as parental separation or divorce have also been shown to be significantly associated with depressive symptoms in children (Tracy, Zimmerman, Galea, McCauley, & Stoep, 2008).
Indeed, it has been estimated that over half of students who drop out of school have a diagnosable psychiatric disorder (Vander Stoep, Weiss, Kuo, Cheney, & Cohen, 2003).
state dermatology association (Jafferany, Stoep, Dumitrescu & Hurnung, 2010), of the 102 who responded to the survey, only 18% expressed clear understanding about psychodermatology and 42% of them felt comfortable treating psychodermatosis.
I sat at a braai last weekend, one of those things that happens on the stoep outside the pub, with everyone partying on beer.
In the case of the land, the child is aware of the fact that on the farm "he will never be more than a visitor" (1998: 96), since it is Coloured servants, like Freek, who truly belong on the Karoo, unlike his family: "The Karoo is Freek's country, his home; the Coetzees, drinking tea and gossiping on the farmhouse stoep, are like swallows, seasonal, here today, gone tomorrow" (1998: 87).
I pass wild cows, sniffing at the sea air and looking reproachful as I step in to The Stoep, a local expat hangout.
Agot KE, Vander Stoep A, Tracy M, Obare BA, Bukusi EA, Ndinya-Achola JO, Moses S, Weiss NS.
A study that compared the transition outcomes of youths with and without a psychiatric disorder indicated that youths with a psychiatric disorder were four times less likely to be employed or in college or trade school, three times more likely to be involved in criminal activity, and six times more likely to experience an unplanned pregnancy than their peers without a psychiatric disorder (Vander Stoep et al.
The first act is just a tad underwhelming as Coward's seven characters (not, this time, in search of an author, but in search of an exciting play) set out their stalls on the back stoep of Jamaican villa, discovered nothing but selfdisgust) Mostly they discuss love as a failed commodity to the tinkle of iced drinks.
2004; Maddison, 2004; Stynes y Vander Stoep, 2004; Frey y Meier, 2006; Scott, 2006; Kinghorn y Willis, 2007, 2008; Plaza, 2008; Cela et al.
2004) and, not uncommonly, to the incidence of co-morbidity among them (Cuijpers, Van Straten, & Warmerdam, 2007; Rockhill, Vander Stoep, McCauley & Katon, 2009).
Vander Stoep (2004) suggests that the present scenario in interpretation research is illustrative of a reduction in priority for social science research for the National Park Service (NPS).
Unemployment is so stressful for African-American men that, across socio-economic status, job security has been associated with fewer depressive symptoms for black men (Zimmerman, Christakis, & Stoep, 2004).