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in a stuffy manner


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Wales started stodgily against an Irish pack well led by No 8 Brian Cawley and trailed 9-3 after fly-half Andrew Burke had outscored Halfpenny three penalties to one.
Thus, as Shen Yueh and others looked back on the rise of yueh-fu and gave Hsun a place they were showing us that leaders of music could be scholars with technical agendas, stodgily pushing achievements and receiving support from the emperor.
The action is narrated in a looking-back voice-over from Patrick Stewart, cribbing his tone from the stodgily earnest work of Miller beer's High Life Man, who, come to think of it, would probably like this movie.
A 10-minute This Morning tipsheet stodgily stretched out to an hour.
Twain's moral outlook is almost stodgily traditional [.
In the heady days of the mid-1990s, when other major drug chains were expanding in leaps by acquiring other operators, Walgreens appeared stodgily out-of-date to some because it disdained growth through acquisition and preferred to expand one store at a time--even though that meant opening more than one a day in the course of a year.
Though undeniably talented, Martin exhibits a hesitant sense of what separates the singingly oral from the stodgily ordinary.
Nowhere has the tortoise-and-hare analogy been more applicable for me than in the field of editing, where I have happily, but sometimes stodgily it seemed, used the first and second editions of Carolyn Rude's respected Technical editing as the text for an undergraduate editing course.
First, as much as Kuhn's take on the development of science was self-consciously "revolutionary," it masks a stodgily reactionary core.
Yet if you can listen past these imperfections, you will hear a noble oratorio sounding not stodgily churchy but refreshingly worldly, the various Bible and prayer snippets carrying the religious sentiment.
Surely that statement can claim no exemption from the Gibbonian test of ridicule, a stricture that does not, fortunately, apply to the remainder of this stodgily engaging volume, which will no doubt prove useful to eighteenth-century historians and students of Anglican history.
The denial letter I quoted from regarding the lost ting ends stodgily and with hedging:
The model pictured above is badged a Qilin and was unveiled in Shanghai at the stodgily named Pan Asia Technical Automative Center.
And an ambitious young chief editor is breathing new life into the stodgily conservative Die Welt.
Instead, Creme de la Femme seems mired stodgily in the middle of the road, trying to amuse us lightly while discomfiting us not at all.