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heavy and filling (and usually starchy) food

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It's about taking the stodge out of comfort foods," said Giles Lury, chairman at brand agency The Value Engineers.
All-in-all a trivia night to savour, not bought in stodge.
So that means less stodge, less junk food like burgers and chips and smaller portions, with meals consisting of things like lean meat and salad.
The rubbish weather has got us craving stodge again.
The all-weather is still seen in some quarters as a place to be ignored; a place that serves up class 6 stodge when the turf racing is called off.
ASHBURNHAM - A 65-year-old man seriously injured a leg in an all terrain vehicle accident yesterday afternoon at a pond off Stodge Meadow Road.
DINNER lady Amanda Acker blames the stodge of school lunches for making her pile on the pounds.
Edward Stodge, mill foreman William Schouler, Representative from Lowell to the Massachusetts Legislature
The cold weather is more conducive to eating stodge than salads, while the dark evenings make the sofa a much more appealing option than, say, the gym.
Incongruous yet inventive, MVRDV's cartoon-like distillation of landscape has a spiritedness of vision and execution that cuts incisively through the Expo stodge.
It was between these two helpings of well-meaning British stodge that the French arrived
However, I can't help thinking that if someone would swap a night of thrills for stodge, they should probably consider changing where they shop for their passion cake.
A top three of Alastair Cook, Sam Robson and Ballance may be top-heavy on stodge and light on flair.
Is it because we eat a bit more stodge when it is colder and are probably still eating the remnants from our Christmas hampers?
You make the decision whether to fill up on food of your choice beforehand, or run the risk of a limited choice at the buffet table, usually consisting of fatty stodge like quiche, sausage rolls, pastries and deep-fried samosas.